Monday, July 30, 2007

Quote of the Day

Ok, so it seems that I don't actually have a filter for things that go between my brain and my mouth. They just kinda spew out. And sometimes they sound really strange.

So I'm talking to Renee at work today and she's telling me that she doesn't like Fall time because she hates raking leaves. And I'm telling her I don't have any leaves to rake because I have all pine trees. And she's telling me how wonderful pine trees are. And then I say,

"I hate pine trees. I hate pine trees because you can't run barefoot in the yard. They have all those needles and they stab you in the foot and I take it personally."

Seriously, I take pine needle stabs personally? I have a personal vendetta against pine trees because they go out of their way to endanger my well being? Where do I get this stuff?

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