Thursday, July 8, 2010

Now I'm Just Showing Off (Diaper Sewing)

Today we're going to talk about diapers.

Why?, you're asking, Oh, why, oh, why would I want to listen to you pratter on about diapers?

Because they're cloth and they're pretty.

And because I have pictures.

And because I sewed them myself and you, being the kind and sweet friend you are, want to validate me.

So here we go!

First off, I know a lot of my friends don't have kids, let alone any idea what a cloth diaper looks like. There are all kinds, but I mostly use fitted diapers with waterproof covers and prefolds with waterproof covers. A lot of people like pocket diapers, but I don't care for them so I've never sewn any... so I don't have any pictures of any to even show you what they are. Sorry. *shrug*

I do have some pictures of my fitted diapers and waterproof covers, though.

Diaper 2
This is a fitted diaper I made. See how the legs are all elastic-y, and it has closures at the top? It goes on just like a disposable diaper, but it's silky cloth - bamboo velour to be exact. Yummy! They have some extra fabric in the crotch for absorbency, and generally work out not to result in leaks, which is a plus. Come to think of it, I have never had a diaper blowout in a cloth diaper - only in a disposable.

Here's the same diaper, just unfolded.

Fitted diapers are not waterproof, so they require a cover. So here are some covers:
A rainbow of covers!
Aren't they pretty? They just go on right over the top of the fitted diaper or prefold, and they are waterproof. The outer layer is a fabric called polyurethane laminate (PUL), which provides the waterproof-ness. The inner is a fleece that is nice and soft. You can re-use covers when you change the fitted diapers or prefolds, provided the cover isn't soiled. For that reason, those 6 covers you see are all I need to get through 3 days of diapering, while I need roughly 2 dozen fitteds or prefolds.

I made the fitteds and covers pictured with the Darling Diapers Unlimited pattern.

I do not have any prefolds to show you because I haven't made any of those either. They're so ridiculously inexpensive that it simply isn't worth my time to make them rather than buy. They're basically rectangles of fabric with extra absorbency in the middle. You can pin or snappi (which is like a pin, but less dangerous) them on baby, or you can fold them in thirds and sit them inside the cover. I do use these covers with prefolds I've bought.


Now for some of my more recent diaper sewing!

I recently got really curious about gdiapers cloth diapers and how they work. The gdiapers covers are not completely waterproof - only a small portion that holds an insert is waterproof. I found a nice tutorial on how to make something resembling this and went to town. The result is wonderful!

Cloth Revolution/Snail Shell
Here is the first beautiful diaper I made. It is from the Cloth Revolution free pattern. I modified it a little to make it front snapping instead of side snapping because I don't like side-snapping diapers and that's what the pattern called for. It's cute, no? But it doesn't look terribly waterproof, seeing as how it's made of flannel.

Top view
Open it up, and there's a waterproof liner! Whoo hoo! The liner is comprised of a small rectangle of PUL (I think 17in x 9in on this diaper) bound in fold over elastic. A prefold fits into it perfectly for the diaper's absorbency. So far this hasn't been leaking, either. Bonus!

The liner is sewn right into the diaper. So long as nothing is soiled, you can just switch wet prefolds out for dry ones when you need to change a diaper.

I liked it so much I made 3 more!
3 'lil dipes, all in a row


And a couple close-ups:
Music notes

Skulls, baby!

twinkle, twinkle little stars

That's all for now; thanks for looking!


Beth said...

Those are Super-Cute!
Way to go, Mama!

Triana said...

Wow, those are simply amazing! I think it's just my wackiness, but the musical note one initially looked like a stick figure Kama Sutra. None-the-less, they are gorgeous and I think it's ultra awesome that you made these yourself!

Lynn Nasir said...

wow! all the diapers are wonderful! ^^