Monday, October 18, 2010

My first custom diaper order!

I've just completed my first custom diaper order and I just had to post!

This order is 5 one size diaper covers - 2 dark blue, 2 dark lime green, and 1 aqua.  The mama who ordered it wanted something she could wipe clean between changes and didn't want FOE.  The result?  Two layers PUL with the shiny side of one layer facing in toward baby and the 'right' side of one layer facing the outside.  These have rise snaps to adjust the, erm, rise (that's why they're called rise snaps, right?), and snap closures.

Take a look!

There they are, all together.

Here's a comparison - the pic on the left is on the setting that fits Norah right now (21 months, 27ish lbs).  The pic on the right is the smallest setting

Here you can see the outside and the inside - see how the inside is shiny and wipeable?  Mission accomplished!

And last but not least, a stack of diaper yumminess.

I'm guessing most of you didn't know I was taking custom orders.  Guess what!  I am currently taking limited custom orders for whatever you might want sewn.  That includes diapers and diapering accessories, stuff for around your house, bags, baby and children's items, or whatever else you might want to throw my way.  While I'd be happy to make any style baby carrier you might want, if you're looking for a ring sling or wrap, I'd reccomend that you get in touch with Beth at Babyette first - she makes these things day in and and day out, and is more of an expert on them than me.

I'll be posting more on taking custom orders at the beginning of 2011, when I'll hopefully have more time.  For now, I'm taking a few here and there.  Feel free to message me if you're interested.

I think that's all for now.  Thanks for looking!

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