Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Reid's 2nd Month

Reid is 2 months old!

Reid is settling in nicely in our new family of 5!  He's growing like a weed and getting more and more aware each day.  Reid is giving us those sweet open-mouthed, toothless smiles that only babies can give.  He is gaining head control like mad, and loves to look around and check out his surroundings.

Sometimes Reid lays on the floor.......'s a little crowded down there.
Reid is getting into more of a routine, and usually sleeps fairly well at night.  Day time sleep is still pretty sporadic - some days he is awake a lot, and some days he still sleeps most of the day.  Reid spends a lot of time wrapped up on mama's back, partly because that leaves mama hands-free, and partly because if mama sets him down in a bouncy or swing, Miles tends to climb in a well.  It goes without saying that most baby devices aren't designed to hold a baby and his giant toddler brother.

Reid and his siblings are getting along wonderfully!  Norah can soothe him surprisingly well by singing and talking to him.  Miles loves him to bits, but doesn't quite know his own strength, so we spend a lot of time working on being gentle

Reid got extra lucky, and got to visit the lake much younger than either of his siblings.  On his first trip to the lake, he got to swim with mama!

Happy Swimming, Reid!
Happy two months, little guy!

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