Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Reid's 3rd Month

Baby Reid is 3 months old!

Reid has changed so much over the past month.  The three month mark is one of the most amazing to me, because it always seems that within a month's time, babies go from sleeping machines staring blankly into the void to little people starting to form their own personalities.  Reid is definitely on the way to forming his little personality!

 The many faces of Reid....

Reid discovered his tongue this month, which is pretty funny to watch.  He will just randomly kind of stick it out and move it around.  He's also started sucking on his hands and my wraps like crazy.  Another thing Reid has discovered this month is his voice.  He's started cooing at us, and it's so sweet to see him and Norah 'talking' to each other.

Reid is usually really happy when he wakes up, so mornings and after naps are really fun.  He's getting enough head and body control to sit with us in his baby booster seat at the dinner table, so we're looking forward to that really soon.

Here are a few pictures:

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Michelle Ravenscroft said...

This is SO wonderful! Thanks for doing things like's helpful for me and lovely to see!