Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year = New Goals

Ahhh… it is a new year. Most people make resolutions, don’t they? I have never been one who is big on resolutions because I don’t really stick to them anyways. Plus it always seems that resolutions focus on things we don’t like about ourselves that we want to fix – and we’re usually unkind to ourselves in the process. So I’ve decided to set some goals for myself that are things I really want to do (as opposed to the things I think I *should* do). We won’t call them resolutions because if we do, it’s certain that I won’t do a single one of them. So we’ll just call them goals or things-H-feels-like-doing and hope that I don’t psych myself out with this.

I will dispense with my goals momentarily, but I must first note that 2008 simply has to be kinder to D and I than 2007 was, doesn’t it? Because if it’s not I don’t know what I’ll do. So along with all my new goals, I’m also hoping against all hope that 2008 is kinder and gentler and more blessed and all that jazz. Please hope and/or pray for the same thing for me, if you have a moment. I need all the hope I can get.

Goals for 2008:

*Take a Belly Dancing class

*Walk Dingo 1-2 times a week when the weather is nice (this will make Dingo very, very happy)

*Read Dante’s Divine Comedy

*Publish my book!

*Make and use re-usable shopping bags.

*Participate in the AIDS walk.

*Work on being a good mentor for the young ladies in my life.

*Get a bike and bike instead of driving when possible.

*Work on adjusting my consumeristic lifestyle and be happy with less.

*Blog once a week (will this make you very, very happy, dear reader?)

So, that’s not too shabby for a New Year’s list of goals. Not too unkind, not too demanding – but definitely worth thinking about. Hopefully I’ll be able to meet at least a few of these goals – that should at least make for an interesting 2008, even if it isn’t any gentler…

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Anonymous said...

Little Mrs. H-
your readers love it when you blog! and they would love your book too!
wish I could tell you everything will be great this year...however living in the real world I can only say that, you are lifted up into hands that have done amazing things throughout history and have promised to never let you go.....
plus those hands are better than anything I have found on the face of this earth!
your lifted up friend!