Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007 Quote Review

I thought with only 4 more days left in this year it was probably safe to go ahead and post my annual quote review. So here they are, my favorite quotes from 2007:

First, the silly stuff:

  • So, if you want to get some salt water fish, I could go take a bath in your bathtub. ~ Velma
  • I'll take it any way I can get it from you... I meant in regard to cookies. ~ me
  • I hate Pine trees because you can’t run barefoot in the yard. They have all those needles and they stab you in the foot and I take it personally. ~ me
  • I have this thing that I don’t do and it’s, like, tell the truth. ~ Velma
  • Everything’s pointy when you’re naked. ~ Cuthbert
  • Jesus is the way, the truth, and the Calvin Klein Obsession. ~ Cuthbert
  • If I ever get indignant at your house I’m going to put my hands in my pockets and go, “Poof, poof, poof!” ~ Cuthbert
  • And some days, I get drop kicked. ~ Mia
  • Wait! I’m gonna protest you killing me. I’m gonna write my congressman! ~ Cuthbert
  • Aren’t those the healthy cigarettes? ~ Dana
  • I think it was C.S. Lewis. No, maybe it was Oprah. ~ me
  • You’ll have to pee by the light of the shower. I think Meat Loaf had a song about that. ~ Cuthbert
  • I thought about being a mountain climber today and moving to a place that has mountains because I really like mountain climbing... apparel. ~ Velma
  • There’s no place like rehab! There’s no place like rehab! ~ I don’t know who said this, but it was during the passaround story with Britney Spears’ golden I-don’t-give-a-fuck scissors!
  • When something tragic happens… or butter. ~ Mia
  • Even at an early age I knew what it was like not to have a star on my belly. ~ me
  • She really wasn’t down with me spitting in her mouth. ~ Velma
  • Nobody drop kicks my sister! ~ my 5 year old nephew

Then, the serious stuff:

  • There is no such thing as a happy ending. I never met a single one to equal ‘Once upon a time’. Endings are heartless. Ending is just another word for goodbye. ~ Stephen King; The Dark Tower
  • I never want to have something that’s just mine. ~ Mia
  • Life, liberty, and the pursuit of more stuff. ~ Cuthbert’s rant on consumerism
  • It made him feel very small, and he supposed there was nothing wrong with that. In the scheme of things, he was very small. ~ Stephen King; The Waste Lands
  • I’m just waiting for the church to die so that church can happen. ~ Cuthbert
  • Does not man, perhaps, love something besides well being? Perhaps he is just as fond of suffering. Perhaps suffering is just as great a benefit to him as well being? Man is sometimes, extraordinarily, passionately in love with suffering, and that is a fact. ~ Dostoyevsky; Notes From Underground
  • Storytelling always changes time. At least it does in my world. ~ Stephen King; Wizard and Glass
  • Church is where you can capitalize on Jesus’ admonission to love, fuckin love. ~ Cuthbert
  • I write not to stop my mind from thinking, but because I can’t stop it. Writing at least produces some fruit from the labor of compulsive thinking. ~ Brian McLaren
  • If I have a choice between the kind of trouble that comes from too much passion or the kind that comes from too little, my choice will be easy ~ Brian McLaren
  • One of the most tragic things ever to happen to the gospel was the emergence of the message that Jesus takes us somewhere else if we believe in him. ~ Rob Bell; Velvet Elvis
  • If you can control your emotions, chances are you don’t have too many. ~ Douglas Coupland; JPod
  • Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that, because the world needs people who have come alive. ~ Relevant Mag
  • Maybe the Bible’s not the final word. Maybe God’s not done speaking to humanity. ~ Cuthbert
  • One of the marks of a certain type of bad man is that he cannot give up a thing himself without wanting everyone else to give it up. ~ C.S. Lewis
  • The more one respects Jesus, the more one must be brokenhearted, embarrassed, furious, or some combination thereof when one considers what we Christians have done with Jesus. ~ Brian McLaren; A Generous Orthodoxy
  • Having guests and visitors, if we do it right, is not an imposition, because we are not meant to rearrange our lives for our guests – we are meant to invite our guests to enter into our lives as they are. ~ Lauren Winner; Mudhouse Sabbath
  • Excess is its own punishment. ~ Douglas Coupland; Polaroids From the Dead
  • It is not so much the suffering but the senselessness of it that is unendurable. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
  • You rarely defend the things you love. You enjoy them and tell others about them and invite others to enjoy them with you. ~ Rob Bell; Velvet Elvis
  • We are not just called to be candles. We are called to be fire. ~ Shane Claiborne; The Irresistible Revolution

Feel free to grab these quotes and use them whenever appropriate... or, er, I guess some of them won't ever be exactly appropriate.... but you know what I mean, right? Hopefully 2008 will hold many more great quotations! I look forward to discovering them with you.

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