Monday, November 25, 2013

Reid's 4th Month

Baby Reid is 4 months old!

My apologies for this being so late - I was really sick this week and I'm still catching up.

Reid is still growing like crazy and getting more and more active every day.  He can now roll over from his belly to his back, and he's very close to being able to roll from back to belly.  He does very well lying on his belly and likes to look around and survey the scene.

Baby Reid has also discovered his hands.  Sometimes he waves them in front of his face and just stares at them, which is quite amusing.  He can grasp objects if you put them in his palm, and he then tries to put everything into his mouth.  His aim is not fabulous, but we're pretty forgiving.

Reid can also laugh now, which is one of my favorite developments from this month!  He is ticklish especially under his chin, and loves to be tickled.

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