Tuesday, April 14, 2009

*Sigh* There Goes Another Box Of Fabric Softeners

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you dropped a cardboard box (containing, let's say, fabric softner sheets) into the washing machine and let it spin with an entire load of laundry?

Me neither.

Despite that fact, today I got to find out exactly what would happen in the aforementioned situation.

Turns out, the box ends up looking like the little bits that come out of a tree shredder, only soggy and wet so that they stick to everything. I suspect I will be picking bits of shredded cardboard out of my underwear for the next 3 weeks or so.

Unfortunately, D has developed the habit of saying, "Why'd you do that?" whenever I do something completely retarded like this. This annoys the living crap out of me as I obviously didn't plan on washing a cardboard box with my laundry. Even more disconcerting, I have done enough completely retarded things that he has been able to develop this habit - we're not talking once or twice here, folks. Because this happens so frequently and because he questions me so often, my very annoyed self has been having conversations that look like this:

Me : (does something obviously stupid on accident) Oh, crap!

D: Why'd you do that?

Me: Oh, you know, I thought it would be fun.... or, oh, wait - because I'm completely retarded and it was an accident. (insert sarcasm and evil glare)

Even with all this, the nurses at the hospital sent me home with a newborn. Everyone pray for Norah tonight.


Triana said...

Lol, H, that's very funny! I completely understand though... It happens.

Cuthbert said...

This whole problem woulda gone away if you would have done one thing. But you blew it. (Why'd you do that?)

Remember D falling asleep at a very inopportune moment late one drunken night, that left innocent you with a little puddle to clean up? You shoulda said, "Why'd you do that?". Bam! Problem solved. But alas, you may be waiting awhile for the next opportunity that is so golden...