Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Blog for Your Entertainment!

Some of you may know my friend Lisey. And some of you may know that she's pretty damn funny. Well, if you didn't , you have have the chance to find out. Lisey has started her very own blog to show off the abominations that her mother-in-law has brought into her home under the guise that they could be garmets for Lisey's child. No one in their right mind would put an actual child into these clothes, so I'm assuming that Grandma Nancy is actually just trying to sabotage Lisey's house and home by bringing in the ugliest things she can find.

Click here for a good laugh.

Oh, and Lisey, do you still have that baby-hooker swimsuit with the pink camo???

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Thanks for the thumbs up! And yes, I do still have the bikini. I'll dig it out, you can be sure of that.