Tuesday, August 5, 2008

D vs. My Cat ~ Compare and Contrast

Last night my alien-horse cat Zeus was sitting on the piano cleaning himself while D and I ate dinner at the dining room table. You know how cats lick themselves clean? And you know how it's pretty much impossible for them to actually lick the tops of their heads? So you know that thing they do where they lick their paws and then run their paws over the tops of their heads to get themselves clean? Well, he was doing that.

For reasons unbeknowest to me, D decided this was very funny. Ok, I admit, it is kind of funny to think you'd have to lick your hands to get your face clean. It's one of the many reasons I'm glad I'm not a cat. But then D strayed out of the realm of things I can at least sort of understand and decided it would be even funnier to give it a try himself.

Not kidding.

He stood there and licked his hands and ran them through his hair about 8 times before he decided it wasn't really working. The whole time he's making fun of poor Zeus, not even realizing that Zeus has long since ceased licking himself and is now staring at D in wonder. Even the cat didn't understand what was going on.

On the upside, he didn't sing during any of this.

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Rex said...

I am glad to hear that Zues is doing good atleast. I am not so sure about D though. :)