Sunday, August 1, 2010

More Things That Make Me Happy (i.e. More Sappy Stuff)

*When Cuthbert and I say the same thing at the same time and it doesn’t even phase us because it happens so often

*When someone asks me for help with something and it reassures me that, yes, I am actually good at the thing they want help with.

*Velma and Norah talking to each other in their own crazy language – “Dude! Cool! Shell!”

*J stopping whatever he’s doing to walk us ladies to our cars when we leave the party

*When awkward, one-off quotes somehow become regular conversation pieces – “I’m looking at you and I see a problem”

*Norah reaching up to hold my hand.

*Being identified by someone else as something I secretly want to be, but that I don’t feel successful at actually being – i.e. Velma casually mentioning she’d like to be more of an urban homesteader – like me, or that she’d like to become known for throwing great parties, so she’ll have me plan all of them.

*Playing Rock Band

*When something prompts me to realize I’ve gone a bit off the grid on something (sew your own diapers, anyone?) and I realize I feel pretty good about it rather than feeling like I’m weird.

*The Dark Tower books

*Norah shouting people’s names that she sees in photographs around the house (Shell! Beep beep! Papa!)

*Making good progress at a cohousing meeting

*When friends-of-a-friend become, simply, friends

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