Monday, June 14, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy ~ 2010

*Waking up in the morning with Norah snuggled into me

*Getting a call from Lisey every week and remembering how lucky I am to have someone who always remembers to call, even though I never call anyone.

*Thigh-high panty hose

*Looking at patterns with Mabel, or looking at things we like and figuring out how they were made

*Riding my bike downtown

*Coming home and opening the door and hearing Norah’s little feet running to me, and her shouting “ah-meee! Aaah-meee!”

*Finally getting up the nerve to use that *perfect* fabric I’ve been hoarding

*Making homemade bread for the people I love

*Norah laughing hysterically when I hold her upside down and tickle her belly

*Going back and reading something old I wrote and realizing, “wow, that’s actually pretty good!”

*Tiny Norah shoes sitting next to giant daddy shoes

*When Mia tells me a story from work and I see her heart and the realization that she claims me as her friend honors and pleases me so much it physically hurts

*Norah kisses

*Friends asking me to hem/repair/sew for them

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