Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Norah cuteness *happy sigh*

My little Norah is obsessed with balls these days. She doesn't care what kind, what size, what color, she just wants to have a ball to play with. Aunt Michelle gave her a basketball for Christmas, which she loves. Grandma has a purple ball roughly half the size of Norah, which she still manages to toss around. She's also got tons of others at home.

So, we're at the grocery the other day and we're walking through the produce aisle. Suddenly, and without warning, Norah starts pointing frantically and shrieking "Ball! Ball!". I look over and what do I see? A giant display of oranges. The poor kid thought there were roughly 100 orange balls, neatly stacked up and ready for her to play with, and boy was she excited!

She was slightly disappointed when I didn't let her throw them around.

Slightly disappointed, but still very, very cute.

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