Monday, November 16, 2009

Some Conversations

A couple of weeks ago D and I packed up and headed to Cedar Point with Velma and our friend Seth. As we’ve proved in the past, Velma and I cannot travel to Cedar Point without some sort of ridiculousness happening. It simply isn’t possible. Come to think of it, Velma and I cannot seem to spend more than 20 minutes together without some sort of ridiculousness happening, but I suppose that’s a different story. Anyhow, in the spirit of being true to oneself, I’ve decided to share a few of the random conversations from our trip with you. Enjoy!

Conversation #1: Consider your career choices carefully

Velma: So, I started Junior Achievement this week. I had to go talk to all these 6th graders about their future careers. I asked them all to write down some careers they were considering so I could talk to them about the classes and skills they would need to get there, but one kid wrote down that he wanted to be God. What do you say to that?

H: Hmmm, I don’t know.

Velma: I told him he was going to be pretty busy if he was going to be God.

H: Yea, he’ll definitely need time management skills

Velma: Yea, that’s a lot of responsibility.

H: I don’t want to be God. I don’t even want to be a supervisor.

Conversation #2: You see it, right?

On the way home from Cedar Point, we stopped at this happy little pizza joint that someone had recommended to Seth. One of the pizzas we ordered was a Greek pizza with feta cheese on it. The following ensued:

Velma: (squealing and pointing) Look, guys, look!

(everyone looks over to her plate, where she is pointing)

Velma: Look, it’s Abe in the cheese!

H: Huh?

Velma: It’s Honest Abe! There in my cheese!

D: You see Abe Lincoln in your cheese?

Right there, in the Feta! Don’t you see him!?

D: No

Seth: No

H: No

Velma: I feel like I’m at Mount Rushmore!!!

Seth: Mount Rushmore looks just like that, only it’s huge and it’s not made of cheese.

I love you, Velma!

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