Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby is here! Birth story attached!

There really is a reason why I haven't posted in weeks. No, really. I'm not just being a slacker. But two weeks and three days ago, I gave birth to the cutest little baby you've ever seen.

Norah Ann arrived on January 16, 2009 at 9:29 p.m. at DeKalb Memorial Hospital. She weighed in at 8 lbs, 10 oz, and was 22 inches long.

The short version of her birth story follows. For the long version (with all the details - beware if you're squeamish) click here. For service provider recommendations for maternity care in Northeast Indiana, click here.

Birth Story
I woke up about 2 a.m. Friday morning (or Thursday night if you prefer) starting to have contractions. I wasn't sure if it was labor or not, so I waited awhile to wake D up. I woke him around 4 and told him I thought I was in labor and I would wake him again if I was sure. By 5:30, I was pretty sure so I woke him again and we began to gather up our things and time the contractions.

At 9:30, I called my midwife's office and she said to come in and get checked out. She confirmed that I was in labor and told me I could check into the hospital if I wanted, but I didn't have to. We went to eat lunch and walked around a store for awhile. We were going to deliver in DeKalb, so we didn't want to drive all the way back home to Fort Wayne just to drive right back. Around 2, I was having painful contractions and didn't want to be out in public anymore, so we decided to check into the hospital. We called my sister Velma at that time and she headed to the hospital.

Labor continued, and unfortunately I had pretty intense back labor. Velma and D spent most of the labor putting pressure on my lower back to relieve some of the pain. I think they worked as hard as I did! Around 5:00, I got in the tub and labored there for awhile. This was when labor was getting really intense. Finally around 8 or so, my water broke, my midwife checked me and found I was nearly dialated, and I felt like I needed to push. My midwife inserted sterile water papules into my back, which I had never heard of. Basically, she put four tiny needles into my back right under the skin and then inserted sterile water. It hurt like nothing else, but it relieved the back labor right away. Apparently, it tricks your body because your brain can't figure out what's going on and so it can't process the back labor anymore. After that we pushed for about an hour or an hour and a half and Norah was born at 9:29. My midwife helped D to catch her as her head and shoulders came out, and D placed her on my belly right away. She is beautiful!

Donor Services was also able to use the placenta and cord, so they came and took them away shortly after the birth. Norah latched on and fed great right away and she continues to be a great little eater!

We didn't actually name her until about 2-3 hours before we left the hospital, so everyone was pretty anxious to hear what we decided. We decided to name her Norah for my great-grandmother, and Ann for D’s mother.

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