Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Quote Review

Well, it's that time of the year again..... time for your annual quote review. I'll list the silly stuff first, then on to the serious. Here we go!

The Silly Stuff:

*Nothing screams ‘redneck’ like a misspelled racist tattoo. ~ Cuthbert

*I finished the dead puppy book. Final puppy casualty count totaled 6. ~ Me, after reading Of Mice and Men

*Is that the screen door nipple? ~ Mia

*Raisin Bran kinda does make you wanna sing. ~ Cuthbert

*Just a tip – if you’re ever in a dream where you feel like you gotta pee, don’t pee. Believe me. ~ Jonathon

*It’s nothing special…. but it does make me look like a lesbian. ~ Velma

*It’s not a dictatorship, it’s a cookout. ~ Me

*Don’t you wish you had a good ‘drug your friend’ story? ~ Cuthbert

*Control-Alt-Repress ~ Not sure where this one originated, but it sure came in handy with all those 10-cent abominable words!

*Well, I don’t necessarily decorate in rainbows. ~ J

*I’m sure giraffe dicks aren’t, like, negligible. ~ Cuthbert

*Do you want me to eat pussy for Jesus? ~ Kenny, on the top ten reasons it’s stupid for Christians to be mad that he’s gay.

*The flush toilet, more than any single invention, has ‘civilized’ us in a way that religion and law could never accomplish. ~ Thomas Lynch; The Undertaking

*It’s like a little bunny rabbit munching on some lettuce, only it’s a little Jonathon munching on some Sudafed. ~ Me

*He usually does that when I throw things at him that are on fire ~ Cuthbert

*Silly man, penguins don’t have legs – they have feet! ~ Annette

*A man approached us – slightly older than me, with a complexion that said, ‘I like vodka’. ~ Douglas Coupland; Eleanor Rigby

*Do I wanna, like, fuck them with razors? Yeah. Not motivated in love, by the way ~ Cuthbert

*I didn’t know whooping cough was an STD. ~ Me

The Serious Stuff

*I had no idea what to say. So I listened, which is often the best idea. ~ Douglas Coupland; Microserfs

*Now I am virtually possessionless. Having nothing feels liberating. ~ Douglas Coupland; Microserfs

*It’s a cure he doesn’t understand, so he refuses to admit it’s a cure ~ Kurt Vonnegut; God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

*And there are others who call it virtue when their vices grow lazy~ Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

*Talent renders the whole idea of rehearsal meaningless; when you find something at which you are talented, you do it (whatever it is) until your fingers bleed or your eyes are ready to fall out of your head. ~ Stephen King; On Writing

*The meaning of life is connected, inextricably, to the meaning of death; mourning is romance in reverse, and if you love, you grieve, and there are no exceptions – only those who do it well and those who don’t. ~ Thomas Lynch; The Undertaking

*Perhaps the tendency, manifest in many of today’s mega-churches, to entertain rather than inspire, to wow rather than worship, proceeds from the intelligence, gained generations back, that the big top needed for the tent revival and the three-ring circus was one and the same. ~ Thomas Lynch; The Undertaking

*I don’t mind feeling sad. It’s a feeling – J

*You don’t have to sit outside in the dark.
If, however, you want to look at the stars,
You will find darkness is required.
The stars neither require it nor demand it.
~ Annie Dillard

From Shane Claiborne’s The Irresistible Revolution:

*… we vote every day by how we live, what we buy, and who we pledge allegiance to…

*The church is a place where we can stand up and say we are wretched, and everyone will nod and agree and remind us that we are also beautiful. One thing I’ve learned from believers and from activists alike is that community can be built around a common self-righteousness or around a common brokenness. Both are magnetic. People are drawn toward folks who have it all together, or look like they do. People are also drawn toward folks who know they don’t have it all together and are not willing to fake it.

*Fall in love with a group of people who are marginalized and suffering, and then you won’t have to worry about which cause you need to protest. Then the issues will choose you.

*What’s crazy is a matter of perspective. After all, what is crazier: one person owning the same amount of money as the combined economies of 23 countries, or suggesting that if we shared there would be enough for everyone?

It's been a pretty good year for us, wouldn't you say? I look forward to discovering more with you in 2009!

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